Corporate Wellness

Client Testimonial: Garmin International Headquarters

Why Corporate Nutrition Education?

Nutrition is one of the top determinants of health and well-being in people. Businesses can capitalize on this often-overlooked principle simply and efficiently by instituting professional nutrition educational programs as part of their company culture.

When associates are healthy:

• Health care costs are reduced
• Insurance rates decrease
• Absenteeism decreases
• Morale increases
• Productivity increases


Corporate Wellness Programs

KC Whole Nutrition offers a variety of nutritional counseling programs for businesses and corporations of every size, such as:

Nutrition Kickstart

A 28-day “hands-on” program that combines a group lecture series with one-on-one counseling to introduce new dietary habits and provide coaching through the initial phases of change.

Changes reported in 4 weeks:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower BMI
  • Lower visceral fat
  • Lower percentage body fat
  • Increase in muscle percentage
  • Loss of inches
  • Improvement in arthritis (inflammation) symptoms


Developed by popular demand for participants of the Nutrition Kickstart program who wish to continue coaching through the next phase.

10-Day Sugar Detox

An introduction to learning positive and effective ways to begin removing sugar as a daily dietary habit.

Custom Programs

We can tailor a nutritional program to meet the needs of your workforce.

Contact us for more details on our programs and to learn how we can help revitalize your workforce.

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Totals For All Employee Stats – Garmin International

What associates are saying about the Nutrition Kickstart program:

“This week, I have ‘before’ and ‘after’ Garmin Wellness screening numbers for the past nine months (May-January) of real food consumption and all my key numbers have improved.

I’m particularly interested in the HDL number that I’ve been struggling to get to 50 for the past ten years.  I’ve done everything the experts told me to do to raise that number including heavy exercise, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil), Flax, etc…, but nothing really helped much.  I’ve only been able to raise it about 2-3 points in ten years.  However, since eating real food, the number skyrocketed from 33 to 46 in nine months.  That’s really great!

I formerly thought I ate healthy because I ate the public health recommended “low fat” diet, but I learned from you that wasn’t the case.  Now that I’m consuming only real food (in the right proportions even), I feel so much better and the numbers above show that I’m actually healthier too. “

Thanks for your help,

S. Davis (Garmin Associate)

“I was 30, when I first had my cholesterol checked. It was then that I realized I needed to do something about it. It was over 300.  I started running and exercising but had limited results.  I was in great shape, but my cholesterol was 285. Finally after 2 yrs I went on medicine. It came down right away (under 200), but I had side effects. Muscle cramps, loss of energy and so forth. After 8 yrs of being on medicine I quit taking it, and tried to regulate it with my diet. As soon as I got off the medicine It went up to 265 but I was able to keep it there with massive amounts of fish oil and two fiber drinks a day. I added oatmeal to my diet and got it to stay between 235 and 250. Then I took your class and started eating differently again. I’ve never thought that I was a “bad eater”. I don’t eat junk food and we don’t eat out very much. So honestly, I was not expecting to see much progress with my cholesterol numbers, I just wanted to lose a little weight. I started following your plan and no longer take fish oil or fiber drinks. I just had it checked today for our health screening and it was 199. That’s lower than I’ve ever gotten it on my own. It has been a 15 year battle and I feel like I’m finally on the right track. THANK YOU Barb!”

Anonymous Garmin Associate

Jan. 27, 2014 Jan. 28, 2015
Weight (lbs.) 195 170
Waist (in) 33.0 30.5
BMI 25.3 22.3
Total Cholesterol (mg/dl) 162 170
HDL (mg/dl) 33 46
Ratio (TC:HDL) 4.9 3.7
LDL (mg/dl) 107 NA
Glucose (mg/dl) 86 74
Blood Pressure (mgHg) 132/68 118/68