This week, I have ‘before’ and ‘after’ Garmin Wellness screening numbers for the past nine months (May-January) of real food consumption and all my key numbers have improved. 

I’m particularly interested in the HDL number that I’ve been struggling to get to 50 for the past ten years.  I’ve done everything the experts told me to do to raise that number including heavy exercise, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil), Flax, etc…, but nothing really helped much.  I’ve only been able to raise it about 2-3 points in ten years.  However, since eating real food, the number skyrocketed from 33 to 46 in nine months.  That’s really great!

I formerly thought I ate healthy because I ate the public health recommended “low fat” diet, but I learned from you that wasn’t the case.  Now that I’m consuming only real food (in the right proportions even), I feel so much better and the numbers above show that I’m actually healthier too. Thanks for your help


S. Davis

Garmin Associate, Garmin International

Working with Barbara as a nutritional coach is fantastic. Her approach to health and wellness is just what I was looking for. Focus on healthy lifestyle, eating whole foods, and exercise is a total approach to wellness. I love the resources and education. It will be easy to recommend her to others.

D. Foster

My total cholesterol was 289 and my HDL (good) cholesterol was 35. I knew it was time for a change. I made the diet/lifestyle changes that Barb suggested and added a daily fish oil supplement.  After only six weeks on the program my total cholesterol  came down to 212 and my HDL was now up to 50. After twelve weeks my cholesterol was 175 and my HDL remains at 50. I continue with the lifestyle changes that Barb helped to implement and I no longer take statins to control my cholesterol.

A. Graham

I was 30, when I first had my cholesterol checked. It was then that I realized I needed to do something about it. It was over 300.  I started running and exercising but had limited results.  I was in great shape, but my cholesterol was 285. Finally after 2 yrs I went on medicine. It came down right away (under 200), but I had side effects. Muscle cramps, loss of energy and so forth. After 8 yrs of being on medicine I quit taking it, and tried to regulate it with my diet. As soon as I got off the medicine It went up to 265 but I was able to keep it there with massive amounts of fish oil and two fiber drinks a day. I added oatmeal to my diet and got it to stay between 235 and 250. Then I took your class and started eating differently again. I’ve never thought that I was a “bad eater”. I don’t eat junk food and we don’t eat out very much. So honestly, I was not expecting to see much progress with my cholesterol numbers, I just wanted to lose a little weight. I started following your plan and no longer take fish oil or fiber drinks. I just had it checked today for our health screening and it was 199. That’s lower than I’ve ever gotten it on my own. It has been a 15 year battle and I feel like I’m finally on the right track. THANK YOU Barb!

Anonymous Garmin Associate

Having experienced both, I would highly recommend Barb Hamilton’s one-on-one nutrition counseling, as well as her classes.  Additionally, I have seen her present her material in a corporate setting. 

Barb’s education, experience, and in-depth understanding of nutrition are unparalleled.  Her approach is non-judgmental and easy-going.  Finally!  Nutrition education I can actually understand!  Barb helped me make dietary changes that are doable, and permanent. 

Kim Colegrove

Former Client & Student

I recently attended a retreat lead by Kim Colegrove and Barb Hamilton. The retreat was located in a peaceful remote location, a perfect setting to learn more about meditation and whole food nutrition. Connecting the body, mind and spirit by learning techniques to breath deeper, quiet the mind and honor the body we are given. Barb’s passion for teaching others about clean eating and whole food nutrition is evident in her facilitation style. She has a non judgmental way of helping the participant understand food choices and how different foods provide the best fuel for our bodies. The meals and snacks provided at the retreat were a delicious learning experience. Helping the participants understand how to make subtle changes to improve nutrition in our daily lives. The educational materials and recipes provided gave me the boost I needed to start moving toward a life of better nutrition choices and clean eating.

M. Yewell

June 2011 is when I first decided to take my health into my own hands. I was at my heaviest, hated looking in the mirror, and age 50 was fast approaching.   My first challenge was to get off acid reflux medication which I had been on for about 8 years. My next goal was to get down to a healthy weight. Barb worked with me for weeks healing my gut, I honestly didn’t think she could – I was not a believer but I gave it a shot and worked with her for several weeks.  October is when I was ready to stop taking my medication.  It worked and I no longer needed to take acid reflux medications.

Barb listens. Simply that, no judging and available any time I needed her. Diet programs never worked for me, and I was ready to do it the healthy way, no matter how long it took.  Barb has always been honest with me and said it’s a process, but you will see results.  I looked at this program as a new way to look at food and it really has made a difference.  I was able to really clean up my diet, and feel so good about it. For me it was the knowledge about the foods I was putting in my mouth and how my body reacts or processes those foods.  Knowledge is power!   In my daily life I tell as many people as I can about Barb and recommend her all the time. She worked with me in such a gentle caring way, and was available any time I needed her.

A. Wille