I can’t tell you how long this empty blog page has been staring at me. I seem to constrict each time I sit down to write, thinking there is a right way and a wrong way to write a blog. I’ve always been concerned that I will do it wrong. Well guess what? Today is the day that I’ve decided there is no wrong way to blog. So I’m putting “ME” out there for all of the blogging world to see. So before I start my blog I figure you should know a little about me and why I chose nutrition.

The very short story is that heart disease runs in the family.  That’s what I was told from a young age. As though it was my destiny to endure heart disease. But I could not fathom the thought of lying on the operating table and having some surgeon pry open my chest and reroute my major arteries.  The thought terrified me. I knew I was getting older and I knew heart disease was lurking around the corner ready to pounce at any time. When I turned 42 I became all too aware that my mother had had a quadruple bypass, suffered a minor stroke on the operating table, emergency angioplasty, and had an anaphylactic reaction to statins and her father died of heart disease. I was just not ready to accept heart disease with open arms. So began my research on heart disease and cholesterol and I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado.  I am now a  Master Nutrition Therapist and I have a passion for educating others about simple things you can do to make healthy changes to your lifestyle.  I educate others through one-on-one counseling, my 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart, corporate presentations and most recently through weekend retreats. Join me and learn some simple things that you can do to get on the road to health.

In good health,